WILSON 2018 A1000 1786 11.5" BASEBALL GLOVE

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Wilson baseball gloves give players of all ages and skill level the opportunity to look and feel like a Big Leaguer. For the 2018 season, the A1000 series (also known as the A1K series) is the perfect choice for up-and-coming players who don't want to break the bank. Each model is made with similar innovation and on the exact same production line as Wilson's Pro Stock gloves to ensure the same high-quality materials and attention to detail. All rising stars in the game of baseball need to consider getting an A1K glove because of their ability to maintain structure while offering a soft, game ready feel right out of the box. Constructed out of a premium grade cowhide leather combined with all leather laces and lining, these A1K baseball gloves are the best A1000 ever! Also, since each glove is hand-designed and worked at the point of production, there is virtually zero break-in period so that you can have an immediate impact. Wilson: Peerless In Performance! 

This 1786 Wilson A1000 Baseball Glove (WTA10RB181786) features a popular 11.50-inch pattern, an I-web (Wilson H-web) with double X laces, and a conventional open back with gray and red cosmetics. Due to the construction of the 1786 pattern, this model is perfect for infielders looking to optimize performance on defense. 
  • 11.5"
  • H-Web
  • Grey And Red
  • Full Grain Leather shell, laces and lining